Why do older women not wear bikinis

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Why do older women not wear bikinis

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My partner, in her 50s, used to swim in a bikini regularly once she became a teenager and continued to do so right into her mid 40s. Once one particular bikini wore enough to require replacing, she moved to a one-piece and has stuck with one-pieces ever since. She still has a slim, fit figure which has changed little since her 30s.

By the time she was in her last bikini she stood out a bit as her similar aged friends had long ditched bikinis.

But why do so many women not wear bikinis once they age. My thoughts are:

For many women I appreciate that age and pregnancies take their toll on the figure (no children for my partner) and they can't wear a bikini once older.

Others may well have detested bikinis (self conscious as a teenager), but wore them because they were expected to, and dumped them as soon as they could.

Being brief, bikinis certainly advertise the body, which some may have liked in their younger days but felt like it was something they did not have to do once older and settled with someone.

For others like my partner, it was just seen that a bikini was a style not worn by older women and she joined the ranks. In other words, she felt an outsider.

Of course there are older women who continue to wear a bikini successfully (the Farm Girl videos show one who claims to be 50). By "successful" I mean looks and feels physically and mentally comfortable in it.

This attitude may vary by culture obviously, but it certainly seems to have been the trend currently and for a while now in Australia.

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Re: Why do older women not wear bikinis

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I think it’s a self conscious thing with older women, but those that do wear bikinis etc it shows self confidence and I bet that a lot of them look better in ‘the good stuff ‘than they think

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