Sleeping wearing Thong

Let's talk about thongs
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Re: Sleeping wearing Thong

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It's more comfortable to keep everyone together getting in and out of bed instead of rolling over on them
Agreed, my posts and those of some other contributors talk about "support", you have explained it in more detail in case anyone wonders what the issue is.

Would it not be a sad irony though if in a few year's time G-strings are no longer seen as something for gays, but instead are not to be worn by younger men as they are only for old men. Time will tell!
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Re: Sleeping wearing Thong

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I sleep naked all year round too have done since I was a teenager. Thongs could be a good choice though as it means there's less scope for material to get bunched up and restrictive than if you wear briefs or boxers.
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Re: Sleeping wearing Thong

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I always wear underwear when I sleep... I never cared for sleeping naked. But a brief or thong is all I wear. I toss and turn all night long and shirts or pajamas would just twist around my body. I prefer to wear something silky and I have a few nylon and tactel briefs that are soft and comfortable to sleep in.
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Re: Sleeping wearing Thong

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Before and after marriage I slept naked. Then kids came along and I started wearing boxers to bed. I normally hate boxers but if I can’t sleep naked this was the best I could do. But not tight boxers and I have had issues with them twisting up and it wakes me up. I have tried briefs to sleep in and will try again.
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Re: Sleeping wearing Thong

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I only sleep in a thong (my wife too). I was influenced by the fitness craze in the late 80's and early 90's. That puts me into decade 3 or 4 in terms of thong wearing. Wearing PJ's is like dressing up to go to bed - sorry can't do it.
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