Jovanadesign Extreme Small String and Nano String

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Jovanadesign Extreme Small String and Nano String

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Jovanadesign Extreme Small String and Nano String ... String/245

These styles were from the Extreme range. The products are custom made and require a long wait time for receipt. Mine were ordered in mid-March and were dispatched in mid-April for receipt in late April.

For each style there is a vast range of fabrics on offer (for which I could not find any details), plus a range of elastic colours and back styles. I ordered Cheetah Spots Thin fabric, black elastic and a ring back. I ordered size S and they fit me comfortably.

The fabric resembles printed polyester, and is very comfortable. The whole garment was very well made and designed, being like a pouch just for the penis. They is no centre seam, but there does have to be as the pouch is just for the penis and the side elastic of the pouch does the job of the centre seam - nothing is going anywhere. The elastic seems a bit large for the size of the thing, but it works and the tail strap is sufficiently strong that it holds erections in place, which is what I like. The pouch is 10 cm by 6 cm for the Small, and 7 cm by 5 cm for the Nano. Even allowing for the natural stretch of the fabric, I find that the Nano exposes quite a bit of the base during an erection, but still offers great support all the same. Simply based on size, I prefer the Nano. The smaller size makes the Nano a bit cooler too.

The website image of the style shows that the testicles are exposed, and it is just like that. Despite that, they are very comfortable to wear. I would not use these as underwear solely for this reason, but for sleeping they are great.

These were labelled with a small tag (as seen on the Ladies styles on the website) that stated the style name and the size. The obverse of the label stated "Jovanadesign Sexy Lingerie". I'd see them as just that - lingerie for sleeping, not as everyday underwear. This suits me as I use g-strings for sleeping. However, this style would be unsuitable as ordinary underwear, and for anyone who sleeps naked they would still be too large!. The price would also put some off - at the cheapest in the range they are still expensive for what you get, which is why I'd see them as lingerie. For those who like the testicles covered, this style would not suit, however there are other styles suitable that you could consider.

Overall, although pricey, you do get a well made garment and the whole thing is sexy as described.
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Re: Jovanadesign Extreme Small String and Nano String

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No. I need coverage. Those don't even look comfortable!
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